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Pisgah Inn Wins In Federal Shutdown Battle

Once again, the good guys have beaten the National Park Service bullies in another battle in the government shutdown “parks and monuments war.”

The Asheville Citizen-Times reports:

A day after preparing to close for the rest of the season, workers at the Pisgah Inn were back on the job and the inn’s owner claimed victory in his showdown over the federal shutdown.

Business owner Bruce O’Connell said the U.S. Department of Interior agreed to let him reopen in exchange for dropping a legal complaint he had filed.

The government owns the building and land. He leases it and runs the business.

The battle over the Pisgah Inn along the Blue Ridge Parkway was one of the most widely reported example of Federal government overreach in the opening days of the government shutdown.  Last Friday, National Park Service police blocked the entrances to the inn following O’Connell defying the shutdown order. The Blue Ridge Parkway has remained open, but NPS specifically turned visitors away from visiting the inn which is privately-owned and operated.

“I’ve heard from liberals and I’ve heard from conservatives,” he said. “I’ve heard all of them, from everybody. They all have said the same thing, every one of them. Don’t give up. Fight tyranny. That tells me that if someone threw a match in the middle of the country it would explode right now.”

The inn’s workers, who were facing the loss of the critical leaf-looking tourism month, were glad to be back at work on Wednesday.

If you were thinking of heading to the mountains of western North Carolina for the magnificent views of fall foliage season, check out the Pisgah Inn — now open for business (again)!

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