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North Carolina To Lose Obamacare Health Exchange Insurer

Oh no. Who possibly could have seen THIS coming?

FirstCarolinaCare Insurance Co. announced Thursday that it has abandoned its plan to offer health insurance coverage through North Carolina’s online marketplace, which opens in three weeks.

The Pinehurst-based insurance company had proposed 16 plans to sell in the marketplace, also known as a health exchange, under the Affordable Care Act. The plans would have been limited to residents of Moore, Richmond, Montgomery, Hoke, Scotland and Lee counties.

The Affordable Care Act requires everyone nationwide to obtain health coverage, starting in 2014, or face a tax penalty. Each state has its own exchange, where people can compare prices and coverage options, and open enrollment starts Oct. 1.

“This was not a step taken lightly,” Kenneth Lewis, president of FirstCarolinaCare Insurance, said in a statement. “When we originally proposed participation in the exchange, we recognized that there were many unknowns for all of us. However, after months of review, there continue to be uncertainties in the exchange implementation and processes for insurers.”

The company’s withdrawal leaves Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina and Coventry Health Care of the Carolinas as the only insurers offering plans through the exchange.

This news comes on the heels of multiple companies slashing employees and/or health benefits due to the looming Obamacare law implementation.

Gosh, if only there had been people screaming at their Congressmen and women to NOT pass this law in 2009 because stuff like this was going to happen!

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