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What Exactly Has Kay Hagan Done?

This is a good question posed by the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

North Carolina blogger Lady Liberty points out that the only Hagan re-election theme seems to be “Kay Hatin’.”

In the last two months, not a single email has come from her campaign touting an achievement of hers. Instead, they’ve all been about fear, hate and  misdirection.  Her campaign of fear and loathing goes back further; I’ve kept all the emails but you can sample the last few months hereMy favorite was the one attacking the NCGA for cutting education spending by half a billion — a claim well debunked.

Spending in education actually went up $400 million, Kay. You should really know better, having served on the NCGA yourself.

Seems as though Kay Hagan has learned a lot about campaigning from Barack Obama:  Avoid the issues and demonize your opponents.

North Carolina can do better.

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Bruce Carroll
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