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Foxx Warmly Welcomed During Senate Confirmation Hearing

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx had a relatively easy go of it on Wednesday during his confirmation hearing to become the next U.S. Secretary of Transportation.  Foxx answered questions on a variety of transportation and infrastructure issues during his testimony before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

North Carolina’s senators, Republican Richard Burr and Democrat Kay Hagan, touted Foxx’s background and qualifications for being in charge of the nation’s roads, rails and air travel.

“I am confident Mayor Foxx will be up to the challenge of keeping our nation moving,” Burr said. Hagan pointed to Foxx’s “proven record of success” of securing “forward-looking investments” in roads and transit.

Burr and Hagan urged the committee to forward Foxx’s nomination to the full Senate.

West Virginia Democrat Jay Rockefeller, the committee’s chairman, left little doubt Foxx would be confirmed.

“You will just ride the fast rail into the secretaryship,” Rockefeller told Foxx at the end of the nearly two hour hearing.

Foxx was challenged by Senators a number of times about the existing funding gaps in the national Highway Trust Fund.

“We need to figure that question out,” Foxx said, in testimony before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. “I don’t want to pre-reach the result.”

The Committee adjourned without take a vote on the Foxx nomination, though he is expected to pass through to the full Senate easily.

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